Charity Forms and Information

Funding application process 2024 is now open until 1 May 12h00 (noon – CET).


Applications for funding: Of the charities selected, Belgian charities receive 35% of raised funds and International Charities receive 65% of raised funds. The donation is made in December after the Bazaar, provided that the financial information given by the charity on the Application Form is accurate.

Factors taken into account when selecting charities for donation:

  • We only consider the funding of requests from organisations which:
    • are ASBL or VZW if located in Belgium, are non-governmental organisations and have official registration as a charity (non-profit making organisation) for at least one year prior to the application deadline: 1st May at 12h00 (noon) Central European Time (CET), 2024.
    • are small, independent organisations (those which are organisationally and financially independent and NOT a branch of a large parent organisation with a maximum revenue (“income”, “takings”, “receipts” of the organisation) of €334.500 per year and a maximum equity (“own capital”, “assets”, “monetary value” of the organisation) of €1.337.000.)
    • exist (or are based) in a NATO Member country, a NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) country, or a country where NATO is currently engaged.
    • For the international charities: have NOT received funds from the NCB for the previous THREE calendar years, i.e., an organisation that benefitted from funds raised at the 2023 Bazaar, and used it for projects in 2024, can next apply in 2027.
    • For the Belgian charities: have NOT received funds from the NCB for at least TWO complete calendar years, i.e., an organisation that benefitted from funds raised at the 2023 Bazaar, and used it for projects in 2024, can next apply in 2026.

  • Application forms must be fully completed. All questions and requests for explanation MUST be addressed. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION OF THE APPLICATION.
  • One project per application. One application per charity.
  • To be considered a Belgian charity applicant, the organisation must exist (or be based) in Belgium.
  • We fund projects which:
    • are small, specific projects which will be completed during the donation year 2025;
    • cover the widest spectrum of the community, and when completed, have a long-term impact and are of benefit to as many people as possible;
    • primarily benefit projects in NATO countries, NATO PfP countries, NCB member countries and countries where NATO is currently operationally engaged. However, we do not exclude projects in other geographic locations.
    • include therapy (considered on case-by-case basis);
    • include purchase of land that is part of the project (considered on a case-by-case basis);
  • We do NOT donate funds for the following expenses:
    • salaries for the daily staff (staff which work within the organisation on daily basis and receive salary from the organisation for that work) or daily running costs of the applying organisation. Nor do we fund equipment for administrative purposes (i.e., computers, printers, etc.);
    • publishing fees for advertisement purposes, as well as media related fees (i.e., web design, radio/TV advertising, radio/TV programs, etc.);
    • transportation modes (i.e., bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, car, bus, train, boat, airplane, etc.), with the exception of disability aids (i.e., wheelchairs);
    • transportation costs (including gasoline, tickets and the hiring or leasing of transportation, etc.);
      a project that involves a private property.
  • The maximum amount donated is €10.000 (euros), however we always strive to give at least the smallest amount required to make the project viable, so that we can fund as many projects as possible.
  • The NATO Charity Bazaar members vote and rank the final list of charities to be funded, in order of priority.

Scan the completed version of this form as well as all of the required, signed documentation into ONE (1) “pdf” file (rename the file to include the name of your organisation) and submit it by e-mail ONLY to The two photos should be sent in “jpeg” format, in the same email.


  • Rename the application file and photo files to include the name of your organisation
  • The subject line of the e-mail MUST include the name of the applying organisation.
  • Direct any questions by e-mail to
  • Proposals are due by 1st MAY at 12h00 (noon) Central European Time (CET) 2024. If funding is awarded, the funds will be transferred in December 2024 with a Hybrid Donation Ceremony in January 2025.
  • All correspondence must be in English or French.
  • Failure to provide ALL of the above information requested will result in the disqualification of the application.
  • All eligible Belgian charities may or not receive a personal visit from a representative of the NCB.

please provide us with an email address that is accessed often

please check your email address almost daily

if your application is incomplete (missing information, missing documents), you will be contacted by the NCB project coordinator by email

from the moment you were contacted by the NCB project coordinator, requesting from you the missing information/document, you have 5 DAYS to respond. If you don't answer within 5 days, unfortunately you will be disqualified.

Organisations that receive funding will be requested to provide a short report on their project, which must include receipts for goods or equipment purchased and possibly some photographs by January 2026.

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