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The “NATO Charity Bazaar ASBL” (renamed from “The NATO Wives Charity Bazaar”) is a philanthropic Association created in 1968 and officially registered in Belgium as a non-profit organization since April 26, 2005. Its objectives are to raise money for charities and to promote friendship in the international community of NATO. Funds are collected through several events each year, the annual bazaar being the most important of them.

Annually, the Association invites all member nations of the Alliance and its Partners to join in an International fair for charities called the “NATO Charity Bazaar”(NCB). For many consecutive years now, it is customary to see several thousand people come through the doors of the Bazaar. Close to 200,000 Euros are collected each year, and entirely distributed to charities. 35% of the funds are donated to Belgian charities in acknowledgment of Belgium as the host nation of NATO Headquarters, and 65% are donated to International charities.

After the close of the application acceptance period, a transparent and objective selection process determines which charities will receive a part of the collected funds for any given year. The Charity Coordinator and her Assistants, reviews all applications and based on the total amount of funds allocated the previous year, the NCB Board will pre-select up to 35 eligible charity applications to be voted upon by the General Assembly. All eligible Belgian charities will receive a personal visit from representatives of the NCB prior to the pre-selection process.

Following the annual NATO Charity Bazaar, funds will be transferred to the official bank account of the charity applicants. This usually takes place in the month of December. No donations will be made to a personal account.

Upon receipt of the donation from the NCB, the benefitting charity must send a written confirmation of receipt which includes details of the amount received and the date the amount arrived. Upon completion of the proposed project for funding, as a follow-up, pictorial and/or a project summary report shall be sent, if applicable, to the Charity Coordinator. If appropriate, there will then be a site project visit by one or more NCB board members.

Emergency Requests:

These donations are for exceptional or extremely urgent cases. The requested donation should not exceed the amount of €2.000 (Euros). These donations are made throughout the year.

  • If you have an emergency please contact us immediately for assistance.

The following criteria considered when selecting charities for donation ARE CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW:


Two types of funding applications:

  • General application for funding: (Of the charities selected Belgian charities receive 35% of the bazaar proceeds and International Charities receive 65% of the proceeds). The donation is made in the December after the bazaar.
  • Emergency applications for funding: Only exceptional or extremely urgent cases. The funding will not exceed €2.000 and a donations can be made at any time.

Factors Taken into account when selecting charities for donation:

  • We only consider the funding of requests from organizations which:
    • are ASBL (Association Sans But Lucratif) or VZW if located in Belgium, are non-governmental and have official registration as a charity (non-profit making organization) for at least one year
    • are small, independent organizations (those which are NOT a branch of a large parent organization) with a maximum revenue of €312.500 per year and a maximum equity of €1.249.500.
    • exist (or are based) in a NATO country, a NATO PfP country, an NCB member country or a country where NATO is currently engaged (i.e. Afghanistan), have NOT received funds from the NCB for at least three complete calendar years for the international Charities (for example, an organization that has benefited from funds raised at the 2016 Bazaar is not eligible to apply again before 2020). For the Belgian Charities have NOT received funds from the NCB for at least two complete calendar years (for example, an organization that has benefited from funds raised at the 2016 Bazaar is not eligible to apply again before 2019).
  •  Application forms must be complete.
    • All questions and requests for explanation MUST be addressed.  FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION OF THE APPLICATION.
  • Each application can only have one project.
    • An application with more than one project may be disqualified.
    • Charities may submit multiple applications with one project per application, however only one project per charity can be pre-selected for the final vote.
  • To be considered a Belgian charity applicant, the organization must exist (or be based) in Belgium.
  •  We fund projects which:
    • are small, specific projects which will be completed during the donation year 2018.
    • cover the widest spectrum of the community, and when completed have a long term impact and are of benefit to as many people as possible,
    • primarily benefit NATO countries, NATO PfP countries, NCB member country and countries where NATO is currently engaged (for example in Afghanistan). However, we do not exclude projects from other geographic locations.
  • We do NOT donate funds for the following expenses:
    • salaries for the daily staff nor daily running costs of the applying organization. Nor do we fund equipment for administrative purposes (i.e. computers, printers)
    • publishing fees for advertisement purposes, as well as media related fees (web design, radio/TV advertising, radio/TV programs)
    • transportation modes (bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, car, bus, train, boat, airplane) with the exception of disability aids (wheelchairs)
    • transportation costs (including gasoline, tickets and the hiring or leasing of transportation)
  • The maximum amount donated is €10.000 (euros), however we always strive to give the smallest amount required to make the project viable, so that we can fund as many projects as possible.
  • The NATO Charity Bazaar members vote on the final list of charities to be funded and amounts to be donated.


The 2017 application form  (English) is now available

Scan the completed version of this form as well as all of the required, signed documentation into one (1) “pdf” file (rename the file to include the name of your organization) and submit it by e-mail ONLY to

  • The two photos should be sent separately in “jpeg” or “tif” format only.
  • REMEMBER: Rename the application file to include the name of your organization.
  • The subject line of the email MUST include the name of the applying organization.
  • Direct any questions by e-mail to, Attn: the Charity Coordinator.
    • The subject line of the email MUST include the name of the applying organization.
  • Proposals are due by 1 MAY at 12h00 (noon) Central European Time (CET) of each year.
    • If funding is awarded, the funds will be transferred in December 2017 with a Donation Ceremony in January 2018.
  • All eligible Belgian charities will receive a personal visit from a representative of the NCB.
  • All correspondence must be in English or French.
  • Failure to provide ALL of the information requested will result in the disqualification of the application.

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