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What is the “NATO Charity Bazaar” ASBL?


It is a non-profit association, officially registered as an ASBL since the 26th of April 2005, with the following objectives:

  • To organize activities and social events with the aim of raising money for charities.
  • To bring together spouses and partners of military personnel of NATO in order to foster friendship within its international community.

The major event of the year is the Bazaar, which is traditionally held the third Sunday in November. Other events may be organized throughout the year by member volunteers of the Association.

In 2010, the organization changed its name from the NATO Wives Bazaar to the NATO Charity Bazaar.

Who are the members of the Association?

There are two categories of members:

  • Full members: one National Representative per National Group that participates in the activities and social events. Only the full members have the right to vote in the General Meeting. All members of NATO and its Partner Nations may participate.
  • Associate members: all other persons that participate in the organisation of activities and social events. The association is open to everyone wishing to become a member.

There is no membership fee.

What is the Board?

The Board manages the Association. Its members are elected by the General Meeting amid volunteers from participating countries. Each one of them participate actively in the organization of one or more activities and/or social events, or in the pre- selection of charitable associations.

The Board elect, amongst its members, a Management Board comprised of a President, a Vice-President and a Treasurer.

The President represents the Association in all its activities.

How are charities chosen?

Our funds are donated to Belgian and International Charities (35%/65%).
Charities intestested in requesting donations need to complete the Application Form.

The Charities pre-selected by the Board are visited by a team of member volunteers of the association (apart from International Charities).

The final list of Charities selected by the General Meeting for the year is issued no later than mid-October.

Funds are transferred to the charities before the end of December each year.


  1. Full Members representing 42 National Groups
  2. Associate Members

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