Since 2010 the NATO Charity Bazaar has donated over 1,168,040 euros to over 160 (54 Belgian and 106 International) charities. NCB works hard to make sure all the money raised goes directly to the to charities and not to supporting the organization.  NCB was very proud that in 2015 less than 1% went to overhead costs.

How are charities selected?  The selection process begins in May.  Charities are solicited to apply by the members and applications are due in May.  From June to August members review the applications and visit the charities in Belgium.  In September the members vote on the charities.  Since the organization never knows exactly how much money it will raise, the vote puts the charities in an order for receiving funds.  In 2015, NCB was able to donate 212,000 euros to 29 charities.

All funds raised by the NATO Charity Bazaar ASBL are donated to Belgian and International Charities. Belgian Charities pre-selected by the Board are visited by a team of member volunteers of the association (apart from International Charities). The members vote on the final list of charities.

Charities Selected by Year

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