Since its inception, the NCB raised over 3.9 million euro to support numerous Belgian and International charities. Currently, the NCB provides up to 10.000 euro to small non-profit charities that complete the application process and meet the requirements outlined in NCB’s regulations. As part of NCB’s tradition, the Belgian charities receive at least 35% (formerly 50%) of the annual proceeds as a ‘thank you’ gesture from all the NCB member nations to the NATO’s host country. The remaining 65% is for charities that are based in the other 41 NCB member nations or a country where NATO is currently engaged.

Each year, the NCB strives to raise more funds to support the great work performed by the charities. Through all its fundraising efforts, the NCB serves to build friendships, embrace various cultures, and advance the important work of charities throughout the international community.

Table 1: Euros Distributed and Number of Charities Supported  by NCB from 2007-2023

Charities Selected by Year‎

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